Identity Verification that puts privacy first

Comply with KYC regulations without putting your customers data at risk, with technology based on Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Identity verification that means your customers don't need to upload or share their personal information for maximum data security.

We use a Zero Knowledge architecture to offer identity as a service either on its own, or coupled with a transaction or exchange.

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Identity and Age Verification

Onboard and verify who your customers are without having to ask them to submit their data to you.

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Payment Verification

Offer maximum security in payment transactions by not requiring your customer to input or reveal their card details.

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Automate Transactions

Go digital with customer transactions that follow identity verification (like contracts, documents or tickets for example) for maximum security and speed. 

Our Technology Privacy and Security by design

We go beyond standard encryption and cloud based software to offer maximum data protection with a
Zero Knowledge Proof architecture built on our own blockchain network for maximum security, without compromising user experience.


What we do

We put consumers back in control of their data, while streamlining the identity verification process for businesses

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Stay ahead of digital fraud while making onboarding fast, simple and secure for your customers