Know your Customer without being responsible for their data

Use our identity verification service to onboard your customers  while delivering maximum data protection 

Give your customers a seamless experience that is AML and KYC compliant

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Privacy First

Allow customers to verify who they are safely and securely, without ever having to send their data to you, based on our Zero Knowledge architecture.

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Reduce Fraud

Our AI powered solution uses biometric, document and liveness checks to defend against identity fraud.

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Stay Compliant

Meet AML and KYC requirements without the complexities or risk.


Identity and Age Verification that takes less than 1 minute

Easy, fast and your customers personal information never leaves their phone.  Our solution is available as a blockchain based app for customers to manage their identity and age verification needs in one place while your business can connect securely via our APIs.  Alternatively, our verification solutions can be integrated into your website, app or platform.

Payment Verification

Never ask your customer to share their bank card details to pay for their transaction. Payment authorisation works by connecting to a user’s Verifoxx account on our blockchain network, which can remotely authorise payments thanks to our Zero Knowledge Proof technology.

Simpler Transactions

We offer blockchain based solutions to speed up paper based processes that are prone to duplication, confusion and fraud alongside our verification services. If you are not sure if blockchain makes sense for you, don’t worry – we are happy to offer a free chat!

Learn how to make your onboarding process faster, safer and more secure for your customers