What is Verifoxx?

Controlling your data has never been so important, but this is difficult when many businesses require you to provide proof of who you are, before you can avail of goods and services.

Verifoxx is a mobile app that allows you to securely use one set of documents to verify your identity to various businesses that may require it. Your data never gets shared, revealed or stored – it always stays on your phone for maximum privacy and security.

Protect your identity while still getting things done, with Verifoxx.

How it works

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Upload your ID documents

Add your identity documents to the Verifoxx app for verification. You can also add your bank card, to save you entering them again when you shop.

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Look for the Verifoxx logo

Brands and businesses that have the Verifoxx logo on their website allow you to verify who you are without you having to submit your data again.

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Monitor your data

An activity log on your app shows you how your information is being shared and with who. 

Only prove, never share

Share less data. Use Verifoxx to stop having to endlessly share personal data again and again with different companies to prove who you are.

Privacy by Design

Our app is built using Zero Knowledge architecture. This means that no other business, including us, ever gets to know your data. Instead, our highly efficient Zero Knowledge algorithm will be able to prove to a business that your identity or age is verified, without revealing anything more. Your data stays safe, because it is never known.

Safeguard yourself against identity theft

Identity fraud is at all all-time high in the UK. One of the best ways you can stop yourself becoming a victim is to secure your data. With Verifoxx, your data never gets shared, so it has maximum data protection.

Backed and Supported by Innovate UK

Our Technology

 To offer the best security and privacy for your data, we use our Zero Knowledge architecture built on a Blockchain network that has  been designed and made in the UK.

Read more about our technology

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