We use a Zero knowledge architecture based Stochastic Vector Commitments to offer maximum data privacy and security

Our technology goes beyond encryption and cloud based platforms.

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Artificial Intelligence

We have built our own Facial Recognition, Computer Vision and Deep Learning models which are used to verify identification and documents which are used for document and identity verification.

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Blockchain Security

Our decentralised design gives you maximum security, control and visibility of your anonymized verification process embedded with a SMART contracts feature available for transactions.

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Zero Knowledge Proof

This powers our ability to enable privacy preservation & verification of sensitive Identity & Facial Data. Until now, Zero Knowledge proof based implementations exist mostly in
crypto-currency areas.

The Benefits

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Maximum Security

Verifoxx offers ultra secure data protection because identity documents  do not leave a user’s device – they are never stored in the cloud or on any servers. 

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Verifoxx partners can benefit from shared access while Zero Knowledge Proof technology ensures they only get the answers they need.

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Data Portability

Verifoxx makes it easier for citizens to prove their data with multiple providers.

We offer privacy preserving identity verification to keep personal data safe.

Our technology is designed and built in the UK.